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Scheme aims to cut business utility bills


BedfordBID has joined forces with utility expert Utilitrack, which sources the most cost-effective tariffs for clients’ electricity, gas and telecoms requirements.
The partnership is part of the BID’s campaign to support its 564 member businesses, each of which pay an annual levy towards boosting business in the town centre.
Director Christina Rowe (pictured) said: “We are on a mission to help businesses in these challenging times. Business rates, bank charges and other costs are being put under our spotlight.”
“Our Love Bedford marketing and promotions support the retail and restaurant trade, this service will help those who rent or own property as well.”
Utilitrack, which has an office in St Loyes Street and was set up by Bedford-based property businessman Nick Holmes, uses a high-tech software package to source the best deals in electricity, gas and telecoms and broadband supplies. It earns its money via an industry standard commission and includes existing suppliers in the tendering process.
Its local utility broker Gerard Duggan said: “Depending on the size of an organisation, some businesses are paying hundreds and thousands of pounds more than they need to for no reason other than they have not taken the time to compare their bills.
"Large suppliers rely on that lack of investigation to charge unchallenged amounts year upon year. In these difficult times when utility bills are only going up it is worth taking the time to take a look.”
The firm already includes Bedfordshire law firm Woodfines and Royale Dry Cleaners in Allhallows among its clients.
Christina said: “We have spoken to some local businesses that have independently used Utilitrack, we liked the fact the team were local so we are keeping it all in Bedford, for Bedford.”

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