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Manufacturer shows the best of UK business


The film was part of a campaign for 2012 by the British Chambers of Commerce to emphasise the importance of a thriving private sector to the UK’s prosperity.
The Busines Is Good For Britain campaign highlights the role of business as a positive force for the UK recovery, success of local communities and individuals.
Hayward Tyler  is a long-standing member of Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce and readily accepted the invitation when the Chamber approached it for a view on why business is good for Britain.
When the BCC was looking for a manufacturing site to film, the Chamber suggested Hayward Tyler’s factory in Kimpton Road.
The company is a world leader in manufacture of pumps, supplying two thirds of the world’s power stations and has grown by developing new markets, new products and improving customer service standards.
Quality manager Tony Seaman said: “I thought it was a great idea to focus on improving morale within the business community during these difficult times. British businesses in conjunction with the banks and organisations like the BCC provide a catalyst which enables this great country of ours to remain a key player on the world stage.”
The film includes an interview with Hayward Tyler managing director David Boughey. He met with Luton South MP Gavin Shuker and Bedfordshire Chamber chairman Brian Hibbert during filming to discuss the issues facing businesses in the manufacturing sector.
Mr Boughey said: “Hayward Tyler prides itself on being a world leader in its markets and, for most of its 200-year history, it has been an established exporter. Through its export markets Hayward Tyler has also promoted the excellence of British manufacturing and UK plc in general.”
Its success had enabled the company to attract high-quality employees and bring inward investment into the UK.
“The current economic climate is undoubtedly difficult but by maintaining a relentless approach to servicing customers and continuing to innovate products and processes, businesses can be successful, which is ultimately good for Britain,” said Mr Boughey.
The film also features a contribution from Business Secretary Vince Cable and was shown at the launch of the Business is Good for Britain campaign this month.
British Chambers of Commerce director general John Longworth said: “The British public is savvy and recognises that business is a force for good. They are the ones that live and work in business every day. But it is those in government, the policymakers and the commentators that we need to convince.
“Business is at the centre of the economy, and only the private sector will drive recovery and help deliver public services, like education, healthcare and pensions. It is the foundation of local communities, creating the wealth that helps them to thrive, providing hard-working people with purpose and self-respect, and employment and training for those that want to learn.
“More than two-thirds of people said the private sector is better at delivering growth than the public sector. While the public sector has a vital role to play, the private sector is our real economic engine.”

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