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Easy, effective, economical: business must hear the Hosted Voice

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What is Hosted Voice?
Hosted Voice or Hosted VoIP allows you to make telephone calls over a dedicated service without the need for an expensive telephone system while providing you with advanced call features.
Why Hosted Communications?
Simply put, it saves you money. With a low, initial investment, Hosted offers you a bespoke scaleable solution. You simply buy what you need when you need it.
Where can you use it?
Any business can benefit from the features and savings of a Hosted Solution. Immense flexibility puts you in control of your call handling and enhances remote and mobile working with Smart Phone Integration.
How does it work for you?
Features such as call recording, voice mail and attendant console can be activated as required and many features such as call forwarding, remote working, voice mail to e-mail can be controlled via a simple toolbar app.
Using a Smart Phone, you can move calls seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile when you need to be away from the office and access e-mails that have your voice mail messages attached.
The web-based portal gives you an incredibly fast and easy way to forward calls to other numbers in the unlikely event of a problem.
Our new hosted telephone system is excellent, easy to get to grips with andwe would have no qualms in recommending this system to other companies.
DCS are experts in Hosted Solutions so call us to find out more about how Hosted can work for you 01582 742140.

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