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Architects put their principles into practice in their new studio

The new studio from which Prosper works embodies many of the branding, design and architectural principles that the firm uses in its work for clients.

Originally a Victorian model farm, Water End Barns at Eversholt near Woburn was converted from agricultural to commercial use in the mid-1990s, creating eight separate office units.

With its rustic brick structure and exposed timber roof trusses, Prosper’s unit had ample character and aesthetic appeal but the space needed modernising and the firm opted for a glass extension at the back of the building to house its growing staff numbers.

  • Pictured: The new reception area, designed by its staff, at Prosper’s office in Eversholt.

“Prosper’s new studio embodies many architectural, branding and design principles of our client work,” said associate director Ken Wallace.

“Its biggest success, though, is that virtually everyone working in this building has had some input into shaping the space, to create something they can be proud of and enjoy spending time in.

“The result is an inspiring and collaborative workspace.”

Prosper was formed last year following the merger of 3d ASEchitects, based at Salford near Cranfield, with Harpenden design specialist Studio Tait.

The new company required a new workspace that suited the team as a whole and embarked on a renovation project using their in-house skills.

 “On any architectural project, planning permission can be a stumbling block but we are known for our ability to navigate complex planning issues and gain a favourable result, especially with historic buildings and in conservation areas,” said Mr Wallace.

“Now it is complete, the new office really reflects the various skills and values of our practice as architects, brand and interior designers. It touches upon a lot of elements that we offer to clients.” 

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