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£50,000 boost for voucher scheme

The scheme, which allows people to buy BedfordBID ‘gift vouchers’ and redeem them at 150+ participating business was given a boost when Bedford College ordered nearly £50,000 worth in one go!

The order coincided with Marks & Spencer deciding this week that it was coming on board with the scheme and will now accept BedfordBID vouchers.

“More reasons to buy BedfordBID vouchers and more places to spend BedfordBID vouchers – just in time for Christmas,” said BedfordBID Executive Director Mo Aswat.

The scheme was launched little over a year ago and has been tremendously popular. People can buy the vouchers at the Tourist Office in St Paul’s Square or via www.comearoundtobedford.co.uk and spend them, like money, in all the best BedfordBID businesses.

Marks & Spencer Manager Chris Grant said: “We have been supporters of BedfordBID from the beginning – it makes sense for us to support the voucher scheme too.”

Like M & S, Bedford College is a member of BedfordBID and it accepts the vouchers in payment for educational or training courses. The College also recognises that it needs to support local businesses – and using the BedfordBID voucher is a good way to put money back into the local economy.

BedfordBID was formed three years ago to support business in Bedford and is funded by a levy paid by town centre shops and offices.

“Now is the time when businesses in Bedford can most benefit from being part of a Business Improvement District – we can work together to persuade people that they should shop and celebrate here this Christmas,” added Mo.

Pictured: (from left) Sarah Wagstaff of Bedford College, Mo Aswat and Chris Grant (right) show the vouchers.

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