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Recession: a good time to start a new venture


Businesses launched in tough times are leaner and more focused than those started in boom years, which gives them the strength to grow fast when times get better. 
Tesco Stores, Microsoft and Dyson were all launched in depressions or recessions and companies of all sizes which started in tough economic times have been the stronger for it.  
Already the downturn is encouraging many to set up new businesses.  Some think self-employment is now the more secure option and latest figures show that many redundant executives are starting their own businesses.  So how easy is it to set up a first business?
Those launching start-ups usually know their own field of business or access expertise through a franchise.  The start-up cash needed may be modest and can come from savings.  The biggest difficulty usually is solving the practical problem of obtaining premises on reasonable terms and lining up all the linked services needed.
Many businesses are started at home or in temporary premises and need to make the move to high quality workspace with the minimum of disruption.  
The business of arranging telephones, internet access, repairs or redecoration, buildings insurance, and waste removal takes up unwelcome quantities of time.  As time is a new business’s greatest asset, Capital Enterprise Centres is offering a package at its Milton Keynes Business Centre (pictured) which aims to take care of those problems.  
High-quality offices, studios and workshops can be taken on a flexible monthly licence with no long-term commitments and a comprehensive property management service is also provided.
Finally, to further assist new businesses, CEC offers easy access to wide ranging business support and advice.
CEC operations director David Clapham says: “We provide highly cost-effective and hassle-free business space allowing our tenants to concentrate on building their businesses.  They can review how their business is working each month and keep a tight control on overheads.  We also offer them easy access to quality business services from companies and organisations we know and trust.”
With the monthly licence, an all-in charge covers rent, building insurance, refuse collection, security and water rates with property management taken care of by an on-site centre manager.  
The licence allows significant savings to be made on legal fees, which can be more than £1,000 for a lease, compared to zero for a licence.
In addition CEC has lined up special arrangements with a range of professionals such as accountants who will be available to advise start-ups at the Milton Keynes Business Centre. 
CEC Centres have already proved to be a good location for start-ups with one person operations growing into substantial companies and there is even a Virtual Office service to help those beginning businesses at home.
For more details on the Milton Keynes Business Centre and the start-up business package call centre manager Lynn Patey-Smith on 01908 698700 or visit www.capitalspace.co.uk.
Published on behalf of Capital Enterprise Centres

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