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Genesis-1: A new beginning in workplace safety

AN ALL-IN-ONE device that scans a person’s temperature, checks for face masks, delivers a contactless hand sanitiser and monitors occupancy rates is set to play a key role in ensuring business premises can stay open safely.

The Genesis-1 is the brainchild of Global Procurers, a company based in Lavendon near Olney that says the machine can transform safety protocol at workplaces, shops, leisure and hospitality venues and care homes.

The device also has full track and trace capability.

Global Procurers managing director Stephen Briggs says the Genesis-1 is a cost-effective alternative to having staff man entrance doors to premises, particularly shops, to monitor visitor numbers, check temperatures and issue hand sanitisers before allowing visitors into the premises. “One of our customers is saving £400 a week,” he says.

The device is free-standing, with full training provided. Each can be programmed to detect a set range of temperatures and will sound an audible and visual alert if it records a higher temperature or a person is not wearing a face covering.

Flexibility is key and Genesis-1  can also be pre-programmed with specific extra details depending on the venue, such as those of visitors arriving at a premises for a meeting, visiting relatives in a care home or delivering a specific access code before arrival to a visitor’s mobile phone.

Mr Briggs said: “We have learned to live with measures such as these during the pandemic. Genesis-1 is a simple solution that we believe will keep everybody safe.

“To counter the spread of the virus, temperature checks are so important. A high temperature is one of the easiest symptoms to detect but some people with Covid do not display any other symptoms so may not be aware until their temperature is checked. That has to be good, for their own health and wellbeing and that of those around them.” 

The device, for which a lease costs around £20 per week, can also detect temperature variations among cold and flu sufferers. “It makes sense,” said Mr Briggs.

“Think of the working days that could be saved if that person as a result does not go to work and transmit the infection to their colleagues.”


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