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Region pioneers new warehouse and logistics training programme

THE SOUTH East Midlands is to be the first region in the UK to trial a new initiative delivering rapid training for people pursuing a career in logistics.

Logistics parks developer Prologis has launched its Prologis Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme, a digital learning and development programme aimed at training those leaving education and reskilling the unemployed.

It is part of the worldwide Prologis Community Workforce Initiative established two years ago. Globally the programme aims to have retrained 25,000 people by 2025. In the UK, the programme in Northamptonshire and the wider SEMLEP area aims to put 500 local people through the PWLTP by the end of 2021 alone.

Working in partnership with the Supply Chain Open Education Academy – a Northamptonshire-based academy providing education and training for the supply chain sector – the PWLTP  will use a combination of online and in-person teaching and learning to enable students to gain the skills, knowledge and competencies required to build a career within the logistics sector. 

The programme will be based in The Hub – Prologis’ new centre for logistics training and education – at its DIRFT development in Northampton.

Tom Price, Prologis UK’s capital deployment and leasing associate, said: “A doubling in the level of online shopping during the pandemic means that demand for workers has never been greater across the transport and logistics industry.

“With UK unemployment rising, the Prologis Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme initiative will enable young people and the unemployed in Northamptonshire to develop the skills needed to work within the sector at no cost to themselves. 

“This not only brings obvious benefits for the individuals and the area of Northamptonshire, where the number of people employed in logistics is double the national average.

“It is also great news for the logistics businesses located on our Prologis Parks in the region as this new programme will ensure an ongoing source of skilled employees for their operations.”

The UK’s unemployment rate stands at 5.1% as a result of the pandemic. The logistics and transport sector is one of the only sectors actively recruiting and currently provides 2.6 million jobs. It is also a sector that provides a broad range of job opportunities and whose employees obtained keyworker status during the pandemic.

Research conducted by Prologis UK suggested that one in two people believe that logistics workers are perceived more positively now as people become more aware of the industry’s value.

SCOEA programme director Liam Fassam said: “The Prologis Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme is an initiative we are proud to be part of. The logistics sector offers fantastic careers and great opportunities for progression. We are determined to help people realise their talents through the PWLTP.”


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