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RTP: Passionate about culture and performance


AN INVISIBLE red thread connects all those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The words of an ancient Chinese proverb, which adds that while that red thread may stretch or tangle, it will never break.

For The Red Thread Partnership (known today as RT), people are at the centre of success. “We start our connections with you with a conversation and we support and stretch you, help you to unpick your tangles,” said The Red Thread Partnership’s managing director Freddie Guilmard.

Freddie Guilmard.

 RTP works with its clients to create and build “human organisations”, those that put their people first. It guides employers to become more courageous, inclusive, caring.

“We have a passion for improvement, change, engagement, culture and performance but most of all we have a passion for enabling people to be the person they want to be,” says Freddie.

He and his team espouse five core values: courage, passion, curiosity, agility and care. The Red Thread Partnership coaches clients to deliver commitment to their employees and clients by understanding and co-creating the culture they need for success – after all people will always protect what they build and employee are no different.

It also believes that work should be fun. “A  place where you can have fun, overcome challenges, strive and flourish and find satisfaction and fulfilment,” says Freddie. “We all spend a lot of time at work. Happy and engaged people are more motivated to find solutions and make a difference. “

Organisations should also be committed to their community. “It is imperative that leaders are actively involved in their local communities and focus on their impact on the planet,” says Freddie. It is why The Red Thread Partnership runs The Red Thread Fellowship programme, an award-winning ‘not-for-profit’ community initiative bringing together leaders of local businesses and the voluntary organisations that deliver services and work in their community.

Launched in 2016 in Milton Keynes, the award-winning Fellowship is now a recognised feature of the business and voluntary sector landscape,  growing great leaders and delivering real organisational change.

Today The Red Thread Partnership works with some of the biggest national and international names as well as clients based locally. “We know from over 50 years of personal experience between us that leadership is a choice and that good leaders make a huge difference,” says Freddie. “We are passionate and committed to developing and enriching leaders, growing highly successful teams and creating inclusive cultures.

That is why we help leaders deal with their big issues by building human organisations – because it matters.”

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