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Live the electric dream… there has never been a better time

Salary sacrifice rules mean that switching to an electric car has never been more attractive. Tony Byrne, managing director of Wealth & Tax Management, explains.

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SALARY sacrifice schemes allow employers to offer an attractive and cost-effective benefit to their employees which is HMRC and VAT compliant.

The electric car salary sacrifice scheme allows employees the opportunity to drive a brand-new, fully insured and maintained electric car for significantly less than if they leased one privately.

The scheme works in the same way as other salary sacrifice incentives such as childcare or cycle-to-work and has been designed to help transition more company car drivers from conventional to electric cars.

With just a 1% benefit in kind tax charge on zero-emissions company cars, there has never been a better time to drive an electric car for business.

What are the benefits of a salary sacrifice scheme for an employee?

A salary sacrifice scheme allows employees to drive a fully electric company car, by forgoing a portion of their gross salary. The amount will be deducted before tax and National Insurance contributions are applied.  Tax savings for employees are significant.

What are the benefits of a salary sacrifice scheme for an employer?

A salary sacrifice scheme allows employers to offer employees a new car at a lower cost with a tax-efficient payment method. Additionally, the company may also benefit from reduced National Insurance contribution payments. Salary sacrifice schemes are HMRC and VAT compliant.

Who is eligible for salary sacrifice?

Eligibility for salary sacrifice is dependent on company policy. If an employer offers a salary sacrifice scheme, it’s available to employees with a permanent contract. Employees can learn more about eligibility from their employer.

How do you lease an electric car through a salary sacrifice scheme?

Ask your employer by contacting your Human Resources department or visit the HMRC website.



To the employer

Increased employee engagement and retention

National Insurance Contribuion savings

Fully maintianed and insured company cars

Proven HMRC and VAT compliant scheme

Reduced fuel costs

No upfront costs

To the employee

Acess to a brand new electric car at low monthly contract hire rates

Significant National Insurance savings

No initial upfront costs

Flexible mileage and terms

Fixed cost motoring without unexpected bills or service costs

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