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Webinars bring first aid training closer to home

A FREE series of webinars focusing on first aid are now available from a Milton Keynes-based healthcare training and solutions provider.

The series of seven free webinars run by ECG will take place online during March and April covering topics such as ‘How to deal with a choking casualty’ and ‘Introduction to first aid for new parents’. 

With more people working from home than ever before, access to a trained first aider has reduced, leaving many without any first aid experience or support to call upon in an emergency.  

ECG clinical director Sophie McCracken said “We believe that having some first-aid knowledge is such a valuable tool to have in all walks of life, and we are really excited that our free webinars can give this opportunity to everybody. 

“When working in a larger workplace, whether it be an office, school, or retail outlet, you have a least one designated first aider. But what about small businesses, parents at home with children and those that work from home? 

“Lockdown has significantly increased the number of people working from home so it is more important than ever to have some first-aid knowledge.”  

The webinars cover a range of topics, including an introduction to first aid for new parents and first aid for children under the age of five.

“The one I am most passionate about is the new parents one,” said Sophie. “I have only just come back from maternity leave as my little one is still only four months old byut when she was five weeks old, she choked on milk. 

“Thankfully, because of my background as a paramedic and the training I deliver, I successfully cleared the obstruction with back slaps. 

“We went to hospital to be checked and all was well, but it could have had a very different ending if I did not know what to do so I feel quite passionate about getting this training across to other new parents.” 

Upcoming Webinars

All webinars are a 10am start. 

March 19 Adult resuscitation and using an AED 

March 24 Introduction to first aid for new parents (infant resus/choking)     

April 2 How to deal with a choking casualty 

April 7 Recognising and treating anaphylaxis (using EpiPen)  

April 16 First Aid for children aged under 5 

April 21 Adult resuscitation and using an AED  

April 20 First Aid – Seizures and the unconscious casualty 

The webinars can be done from home via a laptop, tablet or smart phone.  

For information and to book your free place, visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/product/freewebinars/? 

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