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Launch partnership ends but support continues for MK:U as university enters new growth phase

COLLABORATION will continue between Cranfield University and Milton Keynes City Council as the new university for Milton Keynes MK:U enters a new phase.

The formal partnership that set up the university has come to an end after two years and the university is preparing to deliver the next phase of its new model of higher education and innovation hub.

MK:U will continue to work with businesses based locally and the council and Cranfield University have agreed to continue their work supporting the institution as it grows.

MK:U chief executive Professor Lynette Ryals pictured right, who is also Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Cranfield University, said: “I would like to recognise MKCC’s vision in proposing the project and thank the council for its backing in getting MK:U to its current position. Whilst the formal partnership with the city council is ending, MK:U is now moving into its next phase of development.

“We are continuing to work closely with local businesses to develop the critical skills they need and the entrepreneurs and innovators to support their growth. MK:U has become a key part of the city’s educational and tech ecosystem, helping to develop Milton Keynes as an important national centre in technical and digital innovation.”

Working with Milton Keynes City Council, MK:U has established itself as a provider of relevant education to build skills that employers in the region need. It is on track to have more than 400 students taught from city centre locations by mid-2024, applying their new skills in their workplace as they learn.

MK:U continues to build its course offerings, recently announcing £100,000 of funding from the Office for Students to develop a new supply chain Degree Apprenticeship.

The 800-member MK:U Innovation Hub is also a central location for the Milton Keynes business community, providing space for business leaders, entrepreneurs, students and academics to meet, share ideas, and collaborate.​

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