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Partnership: A joy for both parties, says The Air Ambulance Service

AS THE wider public are making conscious decisions as consumers, more businesses are now focusing on their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

The Air Ambulance Service, through its Reuse department, is actively partnering with businesses to provide a sustainable and cost-effective ways to support a lifesaving charity – offering a solution to both their environmental and social responsibilities.

Information technology is ingrained into even the simplest of organisations. Many businesses and institutions find themselves regularly updating their equipment and are aware and concerned about the environmental impact, as well as GDPR restrictions surrounding the disposal of tech correctly. The TAAS IT Asset Reuse department can provide a free collection and data secure solution to this, giving organisations peace of mind.

Celebrating ten years since the first placement of a clothing bank, The Air Ambulance Service reflects on the amazing continued support and growth this department has seen, with now over one thousand clothing banks – each funding a mission for every 15 times it’s filled.

Organisations with a car park and other outdoor spaces can consider supporting the Children’s Air Ambulance by hosting a clothing bank. The reuse of clothing not only helps divert tonnes of textiles from landfill but also provides an incredible source of funding to support the charity’s transfer of critically ill babies and children.

People can also support the Children’s Air Ambulance through Charity of the Year partnerships, challenge events, and fundraising. There are many ways the charity can engage and support everyone; whether it’s a large office or many locations across the country, they’re able to give people the help and support needed to make their fundraising efforts as fun and rewarding as possible.

Across the many divisions that make up the vital charity, including Fundraising, Events, Reuse, Retail & Trading, they’ll work together to ensure each partnership is as varied and engaging as possible, and with their years of expertise in this area, they’ll be able to provide the advice, support and collateral people need.

Whether it is giving time, Gifts in Kind, or professional expertise to support the charity with, they’ll work to ensure the partnership is a joy for both parties. They’ll learn about each organisation, staff, and values to ensure both parties are aligned towards achieving the best partnership possible.

For more information, please contact the charity on 0300 304 5999 or email: Contact@theairambulanceservice.org.uk


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