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Resolutions put things in order

1st February 2007

PR team Form a team within your company with representatives from different departments. It doesn’t matter what job they do, as long as they are enthusiastic, interested and have ideas. Meet...

Lock in clients for a lifetime

1st January 2007

Clearly no business leader in their right mind would deliberately limit the amount of business a customer can do with them but, even so, there’s a good chance that’s exactly...

Responsibility is a minefield

1st January 2007

The workers, mainly women, are, according to the findings, working 80 hours a week for 5p per hour, in potential death trap factories. The living wage in Bangladesh is commonly calculated to be a...

When data quality is king

1st January 2007

The first consideration is that data management is a process and not a one-off project. The data held in any CRM system is volatile and needs reviewing and managing on a day-to-day basis to maintain...

Harness the power of desire

1st December 2006

Let’s just take one of those rules, a rule that seems perfectly reasonable and irrefutable. AIDA is the acronym for the supposed sequence of events through which a customer goes before making...

Examine the etiquette of your e-mails

1st December 2006

A study by Doubleclick showed that 57 per cent of email recipients considered a message to be ‘spam’ if it was irrelevant to their needs or their business, even if it came from a company...

Make yours the main event

1st November 2006

They are, in many ways, more important, valuable and significant to you than your future clients - it costs between five and 50 times more to generate a new client from the ‘cold’ market...

The sales value of public relations

1st November 2006

It goes without saying that your company’s reputation has a direct impact on the lead generation and business conversion rates of your sales team and therefore the bottom line.This has been...

The cornerstone of your contracts

1st November 2006

QUOTATIONS or proposals are a key component of any sales process. In their most basic form, they should provide your prospect with comprehensive and unambiguous details of the costs of the products...