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Service firms form alliance

23rd February 2007

each other through mutual sponsorship and are aware of the strong linkage in their operations and marketing strategies.Miss Jones founder Rickie Josen (pictured), who last year formed a similar...

Hotel to undergo rebrand

23rd February 2007

The hotel is owned by Kew Green Hotels, which operates 17 hotels under franchise agreements. The hotel near the M1 junction 14 is one of 11 Courtyard by Marriott hotels in the UK to rebrand under a...

Resolutions put things in order

1st February 2007

PR team Form a team within your company with representatives from different departments. It doesn’t matter what job they do, as long as they are enthusiastic, interested and have ideas. Meet...

Saving paradise before it’s lost

1st February 2007

I HAVE been fairly absorbed of late with the way in which the original dream of Milton Keynes has been scrapped and how this is the last chance to save our Urban Eden. It seems many of you agree....

Lock in clients for a lifetime

1st January 2007

Clearly no business leader in their right mind would deliberately limit the amount of business a customer can do with them but, even so, there’s a good chance that’s exactly...

Responsibility is a minefield

1st January 2007

The workers, mainly women, are, according to the findings, working 80 hours a week for 5p per hour, in potential death trap factories. The living wage in Bangladesh is commonly calculated to be a...

When data quality is king

1st January 2007

The first consideration is that data management is a process and not a one-off project. The data held in any CRM system is volatile and needs reviewing and managing on a day-to-day basis to maintain...

Don’t turn our heaven into hell

1st January 2007

OH MY GOD, what have I done? Last month I wrote, more out of sadness than anger, how Milton Keynes, a city designed from scratch to be an urban Eden and admired world-wide was being deliberately...

Harness the power of desire

1st December 2006

Let’s just take one of those rules, a rule that seems perfectly reasonable and irrefutable. AIDA is the acronym for the supposed sequence of events through which a customer goes before making...