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MK Partnership chief retires

Appointed to the role in 2004, she has played a pivotal role in implementing the growth plans for the city and has been responsible for the development and delivery of numerous projects and initiatives which have seen Milton Keynes mature into an area of regional importance.

Mrs Hamilton departs at the same time as MKPC chairman Sir Bob Reid. Under her leadership, MKP has invested £200 million in the city and created around 5,500 new jobs since its formation. Mrs Hamilton also pioneered the introduction of the MK Tariff, which provided a funding mechanism to secure key infrastructure needed to support growth.

In the past year it has brought in funding that has gone to Milton Keynes Hospital’s expansion, improvements to Milton Keynes Central railway station, road improvement schemes and community development in new housing areas.

The tariff won for MKP the prestigious Guardian Public Service Award in 2006 for its contribution towards ‘innovation and progress’ in the joined-up government category.

Mrs Hamilton has worked in Milton Keynes for 15 years, originally with the Commission for New Towns. She said: “I have greatly enjoyed my roles in the city. During my time I have seen some fantastic changes and am immensely proud to see how Milton Keynes has blossomed into a vibrant and dynamic city.

“Milton Keynes Partnership is currently in a really strong position; we have a robust business plan, clear objectives and have become a role model for other growth areas. I feel it is time for me to pursue my other ambitions in life and I am confident that I am leaving behind a city that will go from strength to strength.”

Milton Keynes Partnership Committee member Dr Ann Limb said: “MKPC is very sorry to see Jane Hamilton leave. Jane is a consummately professional planner and has worked with dedication, commitment and quiet passion to ensure that both houses and infrastructure have been developed in Milton Keynes during the first three years of the Partnership’s life. She leaves a strong foundation upon which we can build and be proud.”

Milton Keynes Partnership will shortly be announcing its revised management arrangements.

A MKP spokesman said the position as Sir Bob’s successor would be advertised nationally. The successful applicant would be chosen by a panel which would include English Partnerships, Milton Keynes Council, the Department for Communities and Local Government and independent representation.