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Tapping into determination and creativity: PopUp Business School arrives in town

ENTREPRENEURS of the future are being offered places on a free online workshop, based in Milton Keynes, which aims to get start-ups up and running even in the face of restrictions.

The PopUp Business School, run in partnership with Milton Keynes Council, is coming to the city from Monday (February 1) until February 12.

The online course is aimed at everyone, from those with no cash or business experience to fledgling start-ups that need guidance to keep on track.

PopUp’s events are led by entrepreneurs and professionals and include advice from those who have overcome the ups and downs of business life but then gone on to succeed. Its events usually have close to 200 attendees, with many making sales, launching websites creating new businesses during the event.

PopUp Business School co-founder and chief executive Simon Paine says he wants to help Milton Keynes bounce back after a wretched year of restrictions and crises.  

“We know Milton Keynes has been hit hard over the past year, with businesses closed and people being ill, or worse. But we want to tap into some of that determination and creativity we know is still there and help people regain control of their lives.”   

He believes that it is both possible and desirable to start a business, even during the pandemic, and says lockdown should not stop anyone from doing so.

“Now is actually the best time to be starting up. Because if you can make it work now, you will be perfectly placed when the world starts to open up again.”




PopUp’s own business model was turned upside down last year as restrictions meant it could no longer provide in-person events.

Mr Paine said: “We had to move everything online after our entire business model was turned upside down by Covid-19. So we changed the way we work and have moved to online or hybrid events.

“There are advantages with online events, the main one being that there’s no limit to the number of people who can attend. In some ways, the online events are also more accessible, because you don’t have to travel to us.

“Working online means people are actually better placed to start taking steps forward. For instance, we show people how to launch websites for free. Now, people are doing that during the course and sending us the links – it’s really inspiring.”

The Milton Keynes PopUp Business School is available free of charge to participants through sponsorship and funding from Milton Keynes Council.  

The event is being marketed to those living in Milton Keynes but anyone is welcome to attend. Book a free place via the PopUp Business School website


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