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Forever innovative: Tech sector leads the way at MKBAA 2024

ITS THRIVING TECHNOLOGY sector is leading the way both in Milton Keynes and across the UK. The area is seen as having a major role to play in the UK’s economic growth.

Now the booming tech industry in Milton Keynes is taking centre stage at the 2024 Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards.

Next year’s competition opens its doors for entries from September. And it is a milestone for MKBAA, which will be celebrating its tenth anniversary at the ceremony that will take place at Stadium MK in March.

The theme for the 2024 awards is Forever Innovative: Leading the UK’s High-tech Future. Milton Keynes’ technological prowess was recently highlighted in a report by Whitecap Consulting. One-third of all people in the city work in and around technology, while around one in five of the 12,675 businesses based in Milton Keynes are technology-related.

Gross Value Added relating to technology equates to £3.4 billion of Milton Keynes’ £14.7 billion total – higher than larger cities including Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester.

MKBAA is organised by Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership. The 2023 competition drew the highest number of entries across all categories in its history,  underpinning MKBAA’s position as the region’s premier annual celebration of business, said MKBAA chair Nicholas Mann pictured above.

“Milton Keynes has a strong and thriving tech sector that demonstrates pockets of exciting innovation. However, there is room for even further growth. We have a very real opportunity to become a dominate player in the UK’s technology sector but to do so we must continue to be characteristically bold and share in our successes and strengths.

“We want Milton Keynes to be on the lips of everyone in Silicon Valley when they are looking at a map of the UK and where to place their next site.

“By choosing Forever Innovative: Leading the UK’s High-tech Future as the theme for MKBAA 2024, we hope to play our part in this journey to success. Our tenth anniversary is set to make this event even bigger and better than its predecessors.

Headline sponsors confirmed for MKBAA 2024 are Milton Keynes City Council, The Open University and Brioche Pasquier UK. Many more businesses have pledged their support.

MKBAA 2024 is due to launch on September 14.

For all the details, visit www.mkbaa.co.uk and follow on Twitter @mk_baa, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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