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Drinks brand wins Tesco deal after bringing a 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic bottle to market

A BEDFORDSHIRE business has beaten multinational soft drinks brands to market with a new product that provides an environmentally sustainable solution to ocean-bound plastic waste.

NEO WTR, produced by Brookfield Drinks based in Sharnbrook, will be the only water drink available in the UK that uses a fully recycled ocean-bound plastic bottle with a recyclable cap and label.

The 500ml bottles of Somerset-sourced spring water will be on the shelves at Tesco Express and Tesco Supermarkets across the UK from June.

NEO WTR managing director Nigel McNally (main picture) said: “The pressure is mounting on soft drinks manufacturers to provide solutions to prevent a global disaster. We have worked incredibly hard to bring this extremely worthwhile product to market.

“NEO WTR is a first for the category and a massive advancement in packaging for soft drinks.  Our 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic bottle offers an environmentally positive option that actively tackles the growing problem of ocean plastic.”

Every bottle of NEO WTR is manufactured from discarded plastic collected along coastlines around the world at risk from pollution and stops the equivalent of 1.7 plastic bottles entering the ocean.

It also supports the plastic collectors in earning a fair and reliable wage and the creation of a recycling infrastructure and good working conditions, Mr McNally said.

“Consumers deserve a solution that allows them a more sustainable option to purchase bottled water when they are out and about and cannot use a refillable bottle to stay hydrated.

“The bottle is already made of recycled plastic and can be fully recycled in the usual way so not only is it protecting marine life but also reducing the amount of virgin plastic produced to package our soft drinks. This in turn lowers the carbon emissions related to the production process.”

The plastic meets regulatory health and safety standards, is traceable back to source and can be identified on-pack through its distinctive triangular logo.

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