Feb 28, 2007
Small firms appeal to election candidates
The UK’s largest business organisation has reminded councils that 12 million people are employed by small firms, that their taxes fund local authority activity and maintain vibrant high streets
Feb 26, 2007
Firms warned over WEEE Directive
Computer Remarketing Services says that the government should be doing more to ensure that companies fully understand the implications of the WEEE Directive, which comes into force in July. The
Feb 24, 2007
A few things to know about Bulgarians
...Bulgarians nod their heads for ‘No’ and shake for ‘Yes’. Some Bulgarians know these signs are the opposite to what we expect to see and change them to be
Feb 24, 2007
When leadership is inspirational
A BASIC attitude to a job is the shallowest form of commitment most employees give to their work. Common sentiments are: "It’s a job", "The money’s good" or "There’s
Feb 24, 2007
Moving the consumer to a new level
Well, OK, but someone had to buy the jar of coffee so let’s say its real cost was 35p. Yes?If you popped out to your local sandwich shop or
Feb 24, 2007
Fun: a critical component of success
When unemployment was commonplace and jobs were in short supply there was an abundance of qualified, talented individuals who would work for you. They would also be grateful, loyal
Feb 24, 2007
Look after your reputation
THE POWER of reputation has been very evident in the news recently. Like it or not, we have all witnessed the collapse of the reputations of the three female
Feb 24, 2007
Space… crossing the final frontier
MOST parents will appreciate that, as the children grow, so the demand for space on a family trip grows correspondingly. For the first few years, trips involve the loading
Feb 24, 2007
Find, win and keep clients
To keep, or to improve, your share of the market you need the best tools available to help your business to find, win and keep profitable customers. This
Feb 23, 2007
Service firms form alliance
each other through mutual sponsorship and are aware of the strong linkage in their operations and marketing strategies.Miss Jones founder Rickie Josen (pictured), who last year formed a similar
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