Feb 24, 2007
Space… crossing the final frontier
MOST parents will appreciate that, as the children grow, so the demand for space on a family trip grows correspondingly. For the first few years, trips involve the loading
Feb 24, 2007
Find, win and keep clients
To keep, or to improve, your share of the market you need the best tools available to help your business to find, win and keep profitable customers. This
Feb 23, 2007
Service firms form alliance
each other through mutual sponsorship and are aware of the strong linkage in their operations and marketing strategies.Miss Jones founder Rickie Josen (pictured), who last year formed a similar
Feb 23, 2007
Website aims to boost business tourism
www.destinationmiltonkeynes.co.uk features a dynamic new tool aimed at supporting the city’s Conference Desk, the one-stop-shop enquiry service specially created to assist any organisation planning a meeting or event in
Feb 01, 2007
Resolutions put things in order
PR team Form a team within your company with representatives from different departments. It doesn’t matter what job they do, as long as they are enthusiastic, interested and have
Feb 01, 2007
Strategy is key in winning the marketing war
WHAT’S the difference between a marketing strategy and a brand strategy? What, too, is the difference between a marketing strategy and marketing promotions?It’s a confusing area even for people
Feb 01, 2007
Saving paradise before it’s lost
I HAVE been fairly absorbed of late with the way in which the original dream of Milton Keynes has been scrapped and how this is the last chance to
Feb 01, 2007
Choose your attitude, determine your success
These qualities are the keys to your productivity, to successful recruitment, long-term retention, great customer service and a host of other qualities you need in order to compete and
Jan 01, 2007
To all businesses looking to save money…
With some investment, savings of 20% are realistic and some organisations have even cut their energy costs in half, becoming more efficient and competitive as a result.You will cut
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