Nov 21, 2006
Film festival puts region’s name in lights

The festival, which will take place in March, is the result of a collaboration between Tim Purcell’s Film Commission and the OXDOX organisation, based in Oxford. Its plan is

Nov 21, 2006
Programme invests in future talent

The new intake will have the opportunity to work with companies of all sizes in industry sectors including manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical and construction.

Russell Wilson, senior partner

Nov 21, 2006
Interest in science ‘is in decline’

Concern is growing among employers at the rapid decline in young people’s interest in the subjects, particularly in science. The issue was debated with vigour by delegates at a

Nov 01, 2006
Hoodies head for Norway

Morrck has received a flood of orders for its clothing brand The Baby Hoodie and is now supplying thousands of the product to some of the country’s largest retailers.

Nov 01, 2006
When training becomes taxing

A CASE decided recently by the tax Special Commissioners has highlighted an unusual inconsistency in the tax system covering professional training.

A psychiatrist working in the National Health

Nov 01, 2006
Inspiration becomes the golden rule

Well, I’ll tell you them for free (or rather, as there isn’t the space here, for the price of a stamped-addressed A4-sized envelope).

To be honest, they’re absolutely

Nov 01, 2006
Make yours the main event

They are, in many ways, more important, valuable and significant to you than your future clients - it costs between five and 50 times more to generate a new

Nov 01, 2006
The sales value of public relations

It goes without saying that your company’s reputation has a direct impact on the lead generation and business conversion rates of your sales team and therefore the bottom line.

Nov 01, 2006
The cornerstone of your contracts

QUOTATIONS or proposals are a key component of any sales process. In their most basic form, they should provide your prospect with comprehensive and unambiguous details of the costs

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