Apr 01, 2020
Learning across the miles and time zones

THE SPREAD of coronavirus may have brought classroom learning to a shuddering halt. But it has not stopped education and other school activities continuing at Thornton College near

Mar 27, 2020
Chamber opens COVID-19 helpline for employers and home workers

MILTON Keynes Chamber of Commerce has issued a rallying call to business to come together as the economy tackles the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

MILTON Keynes Chamber of Commerce has issued an update to users and customers of its International Trade service.

The office at its sister Northamptonshire Chamber

Mar 10, 2020
Law firm hails move to landmark new office

A NATIONAL law firm is moving into bigger and better offices in Milton Keynes as part of the firm’s growth strategy to provide a UK-wide service. 

A LOGISTICS giant has begun operations from its new shared user warehousing and distribution facility in Wolverton. 

The plant will initially service one core customer,

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