Dec 01, 2006
Programming brings many happy returns
However, in most cases when someone carries out a business transaction for the first time, the business concerned merely waits passively for the next client to call or turn
Dec 01, 2006
Examine the etiquette of your e-mails
A study by Doubleclick showed that 57 per cent of email recipients considered a message to be ‘spam’ if it was irrelevant to their needs or their business, even
Dec 01, 2006
40 years old and grinding to a halt
JUST over 40 years ago, secret plans were being laid to build a new city in the fields of North Bucks. A plan so bold that, upon delivery, it
Nov 01, 2006
Make yours the main event
They are, in many ways, more important, valuable and significant to you than your future clients - it costs between five and 50 times more to generate a new
Nov 01, 2006
The sales value of public relations
It goes without saying that your company’s reputation has a direct impact on the lead generation and business conversion rates of your sales team and therefore the bottom line.This
Nov 01, 2006
The cornerstone of your contracts
QUOTATIONS or proposals are a key component of any sales process. In their most basic form, they should provide your prospect with comprehensive and unambiguous details of the costs
Oct 01, 2006
It’s good to talk, call, write, e-mail…
Many businesses spend a small fortune trying to locate, reach, court and sell to millions of prospects yet only succeed in getting dozens or hundreds of those people to
Oct 01, 2006
Your brand is your most valuable asset
It is the equivalent in business of adopting a company name (or logo) into which they are about to sink their life savings and using it without ensuring that
Oct 01, 2006
Get more from your customer relationship management
Customer Relationship Management can mean different things to different people. In simple terms, it is a means of collecting information about your contacts - customers, leads, prospects, competitors, suppliers
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