Dec 18, 2006
Skills check for EU workers

The influx of workers to the UK from eastern European countries is expected to increase from this month when Bulgaria and Romania join the EU. But the Pathways to

Dec 18, 2006
Firms finalise merger deal

The acquisition of Inskips is an important element of a programmed reorganisation of DLP and will create four divisions specialising in planning, transportation, design and environment.

Inskips senior

Dec 01, 2006
A true test of character

OUR diaries are full of Christmas festivities of all types: entertaining clients, being entertained by contacts, meals and drinks with friends, the office parties. As happens every year after

Dec 01, 2006
Harness the power of desire

Let’s just take one of those rules, a rule that seems perfectly reasonable and irrefutable. AIDA is the acronym for the supposed sequence of events through which a customer

Dec 01, 2006
Programming brings many happy returns

However, in most cases when someone carries out a business transaction for the first time, the business concerned merely waits passively for the next client to call or turn

Dec 01, 2006
Examine the etiquette of your e-mails

A study by Doubleclick showed that 57 per cent of email recipients considered a message to be ‘spam’ if it was irrelevant to their needs or their business, even

Dec 01, 2006
40 years old and grinding to a halt

JUST over 40 years ago, secret plans were being laid to build a new city in the fields of North Bucks.

A plan so bold that, upon

Nov 21, 2006
McCann Homes finalises management buy-out

Chief executive Terry McCann has retired and his son James, who was managing director, will lead the company’s growth having taken a significant equity stake in the firm. Non-executive

Nov 21, 2006
Media Circle on the move

Media Circle co-ordinator Sue Malleson said: "Our members have been notified that they needed to sign up to the new group at Yahoo! but I think we will inevitably

Nov 21, 2006
Film festival puts region’s name in lights

The festival, which will take place in March, is the result of a collaboration between Tim Purcell’s Film Commission and the OXDOX organisation, based in Oxford. Its plan is

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