Oct 01, 2006
Electronics firm targets bright sparks
The firm set up a bespoke apprenticeship scheme and recruited five school leavers who in 18 months have become skilled electronic manufacturing workers.Axis has just taken on another six
Oct 01, 2006
Ofsted: Luton meets needs of employers
Skills Minister Phil Hope has congratulated the town for bringing the provision of education and training for young people up to a ‘satisfactory’ standard. He added: "I am
Oct 01, 2006
RBS opens new regional offices
The move has brought the bank’s corporate, commercial and Lombard businesses and private bank Coutts’ new office under one roof. The new building in Silbury Boulevard, is a major
Oct 01, 2006
Investment must lead growth, says economist
Andrew Wilson, deputy chief economist for the Royal Bank of Scotland, warned that today’s consumer could no longer lead economic growth. "That will be down to business investment," he
Oct 01, 2006
£1m award scheme is open to all
From next year, around £1 million of funding will be made available each year to boys entering the school via the new Scholarship and Access Award Scheme. To be
Sep 01, 2006
The ultimate financial leverage
When you make an investment of any sort, there is always a correlation between risk and reward. To make £1 million from a passive investment requires you to have
Sep 01, 2006
Frustrated, angry and in the dark
Or, as we have discovered in the past few weeks, courtesy of our airports, every conversation you don’t have.Britain’s airports have been thrown into chaos after the recent terrorist
Sep 01, 2006
Here’s a word to the Wyse
So why should your office environment be any different? Research shows that messy, dull, crowded offices can reduce motivation and increase sickness and absenteeism. Companies which invest money in
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