Oct 01, 2006
Consider all your options

I AM frequently asked this question by owners of businesses and the reply I always give is that one should take time before giving shares to an employee and

Oct 01, 2006
Turn a product into an experience

And you’re doing it by invoking a number of senses and triggering multiple areas of the brain.

The layout of the house, of course, should be able

Oct 01, 2006
BBC looks at new centre

The corporation is considering three options and the front runner is believed to be a new purpose-built media centre in Central Milton Keynes.

A BBC spokeswoman told Business

Oct 01, 2006
It’s good to talk, call, write, e-mail…

Many businesses spend a small fortune trying to locate, reach, court and sell to millions of prospects yet only succeed in getting dozens or hundreds of those people to

Oct 01, 2006
Survey highlights age law fears

Research by business advisers PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Milton Keynes office reveals that the top two concerns for businesses are the retirement process and dealing with the pension-related aspects of the legislation.

Oct 01, 2006
Your brand is your most valuable asset

It is the equivalent in business of adopting a company name (or logo) into which they are about to sink their life savings and using it without ensuring that

Oct 01, 2006
Business builds links with Poland

The Central Eastern Europe Initiative is working to facilitate trade between British and Polish companies by providing advice on researching potential markets and organising escorted visits.

The initiative,

Oct 01, 2006
Whitbread sells group headquarters

The leisure giant is moving its head office staff to offices in Luton and Dunstable and the sale will be concluded once the new office premises have been refurbished.

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