Nov 01, 2006
County must develop its competitive edge

With the expansion plans for the Milton Keynes South Midlands sub-region - of which Bedfordshire was a significant part - jobs growth was at the top of the agenda,

Nov 01, 2006
Scheme breaks down the skills barrier

FOR THE previous 12 months, Axis Electronics had been running with three production vacancies. A constant search for suitable recruits had proved fruitless.

The shortage of skilled staff

Nov 01, 2006
Partnership aims to develop the edge

The programme, which launches this month, will give specialist support to help technology and knowledge companies to gain a business edge and achieve their full potential.

Funded by

Nov 01, 2006
When training becomes taxing

A CASE decided recently by the tax Special Commissioners has highlighted an unusual inconsistency in the tax system covering professional training.

A psychiatrist working in the National Health

Nov 01, 2006
Inspiration becomes the golden rule

Well, I’ll tell you them for free (or rather, as there isn’t the space here, for the price of a stamped-addressed A4-sized envelope).

To be honest, they’re absolutely

Oct 01, 2006
IoD shake-up creates new branch

It will have almost 500 members, including from Bedford-shire, and will be served by a committee chaired by former IoD South East Midlands branch chairman Philip Smith.


Oct 01, 2006
Square Mile quality, grid square cost

MILTON Keynes has become a by-word for City-quality legal advice at a fraction of the cost, says this year’s edition of the Legal 500.

The publication says that

Oct 01, 2006
Visit an education showcase

THE 2006 Independent Schools Exhibition, which takes place in Milton Keynes this month, has become a showcase for independent schools across the central counties.

This year’s exhibition, which

Oct 01, 2006
Consider all your options

I AM frequently asked this question by owners of businesses and the reply I always give is that one should take time before giving shares to an employee and

Oct 01, 2006
Turn a product into an experience

And you’re doing it by invoking a number of senses and triggering multiple areas of the brain.

The layout of the house, of course, should be able

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