Arc champion welcomes news of Bedford-Cambridge rail route

Feb 05, 2020

MP iain Stewart, the government’s champion of the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge growth corridor.

THE GOVERNMENT has announced its preferred route  for the central section of the East West Rail scheme between Bedford and Cambridge.

The line  will eventually link with Milton Keynes via Bletchley station and the next phase of the East West Rail has been welcomed by MP Iain Stewart, the government’s champion for the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc.

Mr Stewart, MP for M ilton Keynes South, said: “I am delighted that this next stage of the east-west has been announced. With preparatory work on-going for the section between Bletchley and Bicester, it is good to see the section east of Bedford being set out.

“When completed, this line will be a major economic boost and help the environment by encourage a shift from road to rail transport.”

George Freeman, the government’s Minister for Future of Transport, added: “East-West Rail has the potential to improve rail links to support opportunities for new housing, reduce congestion and pollution and unlock the economic potential across the region.

“By boosting rail connectivity we can improve access to economic opportunities for people in this area, and boost the quality of life in this vital arc.”

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