App strengthens privacy controls on social media

May 20, 2017

MyBabyBio addresses the increasing concerns about “sharenting” and the risks that this can pose to their child  now and in the future.

It is the brainchild of local businessman Chris Bianca, part of Entrepreneurial Spark in Milton Keynes.

He said: “We have spent months talking to new parents about the use of social media and found that parents wanted to be able to record memories for their children more privately than they can currently.”

Mr Bianca’s conclusions are backed up by research by .uk domain name registry Nominet last year. It found that:

  • Over a third of parents admitted that 50% of their Facebook friends are people they wouldn’t say hello to on the street.
  • Only 10% of parents claimed to be very confident in managing their privacy settings.
  • Despite this, parents will share, on average, almost 1,500 photos of their child on social media by their fifth birthday.

MyBabyBio provides robust access controls that allow them to share memories with family and friends in a safe, secure and controlled way.  

Mr Bianca said: “Social networks were never meant for such personal information and complex privacy controls make it hard for parents to understand exactly who can see photos of their child.  Until now, parents have not had a suitable alternative so resort to platforms that do not offer the functionality or privacy that they are looking for.”  

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