Ambassador tours UK headquarters

Dec 16, 2008

The tour by Sir Michael Arthur was one of several he made around German companies based in the South East. The visit was arranged by the South East England Development Agency, which promotes business innovation and growth in the region.

Schueco managing director Marc von Briel said: “It was a great opportunity to discuss with Sir Michael how being located in Milton Keynes has contributed to our success and what continues to make the Milton Keynes location attractive and a prime area for future investment.

“We feel it would be beneficial, to what is already an international local business community, if Sir Michael’s visit should lead to more overseas and German companies choosing Milton Keynes for their UK operations.”

Schueco, based in Kingston, has been located in Milton Keynes for 16 years and employs more than 170 staff. It develops and markets complete aluminium and steel systems, and solar products for the construction industry worldwide.

Grant Seeley, director of inward investment at Invest Milton Keynes, said: “We are delighted that Sir Michael has visited Schueco and will be relaying the company’s success back to other German companies who may also be interested in investing in Milton Keynes. With continued international attention like this we hope to grow the number of relocating foreign owned companies to Milton Keynes in the future.”

Pictured: (from left) Graham Anderson, of Invest Milton Keynes; Sir Michael Arthur; Marc von Briel and SEEDA director of investment Neil Bridgen.

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