Alliance calls on firms to back anti-smoking campaign

Oct 03, 2014

As well as supporting smokers to quit smoking during Stoptober, the council has unveiled a tobacco control alliance called SmokeFree MK, which launched on Wednesday.

The alliance provides a co-ordinated and comprehensive approach including:

  • Helping smokers to quit;
  • Working to stop children and young people from starting:
  • Protecting non-smokers from the harm caused by breathing in second hand smoke;
  • Tackling cheap and illicit tobacco sales;
  • Communicating key stop smoking messages to all communities in Milton Keynes.

Muriel Scott, director of public health for Milton Keynes, said: “I welcome the launch of Smokefree MK and encourage organisations and local businesses to get involved.

“I know how important it is to tackle tobacco use locally. Smoking still kills 50% of all its users but knowing that does not necessarily mean people find it easy to quit or not start smoking in the first place.

“You are five times more likely to quit for good if you commit to stopping smoking during the month of October with our support.”

Businesses interested in becoming involved can contact Gail Addison at Milton Keynes Council on 01908 252386. 

Milton Keynes Council’s Stop Smoking service: Tel. 0845 200 2323

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