Aladdin takes on extra shine

Jan 15, 2008

In a literal take on one of the pantomime’s most famous lines – ‘New lamps for old’ – E.ON gave away 500 energy saving light bulbs to the pantomime audience.

Phil Biddle, head of energy efficiency at E.ON said: “We gave away 500 energy saving bulbs to theatre-goers as part of our continual drive to deliver energy efficiency messages.

“Replacing just one traditional light bulb for an energy efficient alternative can save a typical household up to £7 a year, so Milton Keynes theatre-goers will be saving at least £3,500 a year on their electricity bills – while helping reduce their carbon footprint and doing a little bit for the planet too.

“And although this giveaway was inspired by the famous ‘New lamps for old’ slogan – we weren’t asking people to bring their old bulbs in!”

E.ON provides free energy saving light bulbs to people on qualifying benefits, through its CaringEnergy scheme. E.ON has invested £100 million in CaringEnergy, which is designed to help improve the energy efficiency and income of vulnerable households.

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