A few things to know about Bulgarians

Feb 24, 2007

…Bulgarians nod their heads for ‘No’ and shake for ‘Yes’. Some Bulgarians know these signs are the opposite to what we expect to see and change them to be helpful to us. Imagine the confusion!

…When listening to Bulgarians talking, they may sound as if they are arguing. In actual fact they are not (well, not most of the time).

…Observe closely and you’ll hear interspersed chuckles of amusement and see smiles and then back to what seems to be more arguing – it’s how things are. It is their way and it is friendly.

…Hospitality is very important for Bulgarians. So if you are invited for ‘a cuppa’, be aware that it could end up being a very memorable time. You never know: you may even end up going to a wedding party.

… In Bulgaria, the most frequently spoken foreign languages are Macedonian and Russian.

These and many other Bulgarian ‘ways’ of which Britons are oblivious could make your Bulgarian adventure more than a little confusing.

We are here to help you if you:
• Need advice about local infrastructure and legislation;

• Need translation and interpreting in Bulgarian, Russian or Macedonian languages;

• Are looking to learn Bulgarian and Russian languages.

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