5G in focus at technology forum

Apr 14, 2018

5G stands for 5th Generation and follows 4G, which made it possible for users to buy plane tickets, book hotels, and pay bills at the touch of a phone screen.

“4G made it possible to reinvent businesses, and create new ones,” said Rob Leenderts, Director of Next Generation Internet Services and a board member of Biztech technology forum.

“5G will take it to another level by giving mobile networks the ability to deal with much, much more data.

“For the first time in human history our things will be connected, and have the ability to communicate with each other. All things will be sensing, connected and intelligent.”

It could mean that self-driving cars will communicate through the network, making traffic jams, accidents, and parking problems things of the past.

The weekly shopping will be delivered by drone, within minutes of being ordered.

The seminar, organised by INCA (the Independent Networks Cooperative Association) in partnership with Biztech technology forum, will be held at The Players Suite, Stadium MK, from 1pm to 5pm on May 9.

Fredi Nonyelu, Biztech’s chairman, said: “Biztech’s mission is to showcase the best in technology across SEMLEP and Milton Keynes.

“5G is an example of a coming paradigm shift in the way we do business, opening up more opportunities and challenges and we want MK to be at the cutting edge of the coming revolution.”

The seminar will discuss the requirements, infrastructure and applications of 5G network developments in the UK, within the context of the plans for full fibre rollout.

It is designed to bring delegates up to speed on what’s happening in the rapidly developing 5G space, what it means for us at business and at home, and the relationship between 5G and full fibre.

Confirmed speakers to date include Geoff Snelson – Head of Strategy & Futures Milton Keynes Council, and representatives of the government’s DCMS, The 5G Innovation Centre, Vodafone, the UK Spectrum Policy Forum and Cybermoor – one of the 5G Test Bed Trial winners looking at the rural angle.

For more information and tickets, visit www.biztech.org.uk/events/incabiztech-5g-thought-leadership-event-stadium-mk 

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